SJ2 Entertainment

About Us

Show business is a business. Like Amazon and Apple you have to deliver what people want and be great at it. However, you're only as good as your last show. There are no bailouts or recalls. You've got to get it right every time or you don't last. I'm proud to say I've lasted for 20 plus years as a successful television producer. My company, SJ2 Entertainment is a dominant force in the entertainment community producing award shows, red carpet celebrations, on location specials, "live" event programs and most recently reality series.

With countless hours of broadcast experience, I've cultivated long-standing relationships throughout the major broadcast and cable networks: CBS, NBC, HBO, Showtime, Lifetime, Oxygen, REELZ, FX Networks, A&E, MTV, VH1, ABC, Nickelodeon and TV Land!

Through the years, I've worked with a diverse roster of exceptional talent including Seth MacFarlane, Joel McHale, Zooey Deschanel, Sir Elton John, Miley Cyrus, Neal Patrick Harris, Janet Jackson, Kathy Griffin, Jane Lynch, Dustin Hoffman, John Cleese, Chris Rock, Mel Brooks and President Bill Clinton.

And I don't work only within the Hollywood 'hood - SJ2 specializes in designing large, one of a kind events. Collaborating with such companies as IBM, Lexus and the NFL, we marshal our skills and creative sensibilities to serve their needs and create unforgettable experiences.

My seasoned team of writers, production designers and talent producers love what we do and are passionate about creating a memorable experience for you, your company and most important, your audience. So if this is your first venture into a large event or it's your 100th and you're looking for a new, fresh direction, SJ2 Entertainment is here to work with you.